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Senior Advisor and Founder
Joanna ILBOUDO, tells about the beginning of ACTS. Read about ACTS formation...
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About the country of Burkina Faso


Burkina Faso is a landlocked country in West Africa. It shares borders with six countries – Benin, Togo, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Mali and Niger.

Burkina Faso, originally known as Upper Volta until its name change in 1983, was a French colony, part of French West Africa. It gained its independence from France in August 1960.

Located partly in the Sahel belt, most of the country is arid, the soils infertile and rivers are seasonal. The climate ranges from dry Sahel in the north to tropical savannah in the south.

  • Over 90% of the population live off agriculture and animal husbandry.
  • 45% of the population live on less than US$1 per day.
  • The UNDP’s Human Development Index ranked Burkina Faso at 175 out of 177 countries in 2004.
  • Health indicators are also poor. Life expectancy is 45.7 years.
  • Primary school enrolment in 2002/was 35%.
  • Secondary school enrolment in 2002 was 8%.

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ACTS Ministry acquired a parcel of land (6000m2) in Saonré (small village about 15 Km from Ouagadougou) where infrastructures were made for the activities.

The pilot program for ACTS impacts the village of Saonré in the department of Komsilga in Burkina Faso West Africa.

ACTS works in the regions and villages located in the following:

  • Rural Community of Komsilga (Saonré)

  • Rural Community of Komki-Ipaala

  • Rural Community of Goby

  • Rural Community of Arbolé

  • Urban Community of Bobo

  • Urban Community of Ouagadougou

  • Rural Community of Niou (Ouisga)

  • Community of Saaba

  • Community of Loumbila

  • Community of Siglé

  • Community of Kombissiri

  • Community of Tanghin Dassouri

  • Rural community of Dandé

  • Banfora, Fada…as areas for future expansion.

ACTS reaches individuals who are the poorest of Burkinabé society. They are broken by ignorance, poverty and hopelessness. They have no means, skills or tools to break the cycle of poverty. ACTS ministers the love of Christ to them in practical ways to bring them to salvation.


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CLICK HERE to Read about the country of Burkina Faso...







ACTS Center in Saonré is dedicated to giving a hand up and not a handout to the forgotten ones of Burkina Faso...widows and orphans.

"Seeking a Way Out" and other videos can be viewed. Click to see a list of films about ACTS and the people we serve....

We would be pleased to hear comments or receive questions from you. Click for contact information... Merci


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UPDATE: New program launched by Burkina government may help village farmers. Pray for women farmers.
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