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Wendingoudi and Justine
"God, my caring shepherd"


Wendingoudi with Justine, a widow who takes care of her at the ACTS Center

The Lord responds to the cries of the poor.

One of the youngest additions to our orphanage was a newborn baby girl in 2010. Her father died while her mother was pregnant. After the baby was born, the mother was destitute. She had other children who were starving and did not know what to do. She threw the baby in the dump as she could not bear to see the child suffer because of want.

The little girl was found and brought to the ACTS Hope Center orphanage and the staff gave her the name Wendingoudi which in English means “God, My Caring Shepherd.”

ACTS found a widow in the village who was willing to care for the infant even though she had a child of her own. Justine’s heart went out to the little baby and so despite her own difficulties, she was willing to care for the helpless infant. Wendingoudi at just a few days old is shown in the photo above with Justine. Scripture in both the Old and New Testament tells us to care for the poor and the orphan. The Lord promises to bless those whose hearts and moved to alleviate their suffering.

Wendingoudi is now about five years old and happy considering her difficult start in life. At ACTS she is being cared for with love.

I am reminded about the story of Hagar in Genesis 21:15-16, and how desperate she was when she took little Ishmael into the desert. She walked away from the child because she couldn’t endure watching the boy die. But the Lord told her that he would live and not die.

Genesis 21:20 says that God was with the boy as he grew up. In the same way, God watched over little Wendingoudi and gave her to ACTS orphanage. There she will grow up knowing how much she is loved by God.

The widow, Justine, is taking good care of Wendingoudi and her own little boy. Justine weaves cloth to sell in order to provide for her family. She has been able to save a little money to purchase more thread and supplies. Justine understands the importance of saving to have financial security for the future. The cloth she weaves is a favourite of village women and her business is doing well. She also understands the importance of spiritual security as a foundation for all that she does. Justine was one of the first widows to assist ACTS in caring for orphans.

She received training, a little food to add to what she could provide and encouragement during rough times. Her diligence and dedication to caring for the orphans and those who are poorer than herself makes her a candidate for the Lord’s blessing.


Wendingoudi with Sharyl Sieh in 2013

About two years ago, we found that Wendingoudi was mostly deaf. We continue to explore ways to help her to be able to hear. Wendingoudi is very smart. She dances with the other children during church services and is beginning to speak some words. For these new forward steps we give grateful thanks to our Father.

In 2014 Wendingoudi is doing well. She runs and plays at ACTS’ pre-school and kindergarten. She is able to do some of the lessons with the children.

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ACTS Center in Saonré is dedicated to giving a hand up and not a handout to the forgotten ones of Burkina Faso...widows and orphans.

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