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Testimonies given by French literacy students

By the end of 2014, ACTS opened ten French literacy centers in ten villages in Burkina Faso attended by 277 learners. Students are mostly women, but there are a few teenagers (both boys and girls) and men enrolled in the lessons. Each village literacy center is linked with the local church.

Many who participate come from Muslim families. The French lexicon provides a way for these students to learn about the plan of salvation. The lexicon uses Bible verses to teach grammar and word usage. Each student is given a Bible as part of the course’s study materials.



Besides women, some boys, girls and men attend literacy classes held by ACTS in 10 villages.

Ablassé is 15 year old boy who never had the opportunity to attend school. This teenager, enrolled in the vocational training classes in carpentry has expectations of owning his own business when he graduates. After taking all the courses offered at the ACTS Center, he will be given an internship with a carpenter’s shop in Ouagadougou. Ablassé will have the advantage of being able to read, write and do simple math in French, the national language of Burking Faso and the language of commerce.

He says, “Having the opportunity to learn French even at this age is a very good thing for me. I am training at ACTS Center to be a carpenter and I am able to attend literacy classes in French at night which is really convenient for me. This is a unique opportunity which will allow me to run my own business with success because I can read and write.”


Salamata Zongo
Salamata Zongo, a muslim woman with children, had a desire to learn French, and was pleasantly surprised when she found she could actually learn French.  “I never thought I would be able to learn French at all. The ACTS French classes make me happy because they are equipping me to read and write in French. I want to do this with all my heart.”

“Being able to read French will put me in a position where I can better care for my family. I will be able to read things concerning the health of my children and learn how all my family can have better hygiene.”



ACTS does not discriminate by age, race or religion. Literacy participants are qualified on the basis of their potential, need and desire to learn. Students who have already graduated from the Mooré literacy classes are better prepared for the French lessons and style of learning.

A young Muslim wife, by the name of Aminata, testifies: “I came to the literacy center to learn how to read in French but I found a new faith in God. Because the textbooks used are based on the Bible, my heart was touched by God’s Word and I gave my life to the Lord Jesus.”

“Because my family is Muslim, I know I cannot live my faith openly but I am grateful that I discovered the love of God through this literacy project. I am glad because not only do I have light for living on this earth but also I have light to guide my way to heaven when I die.”



Thank you

ACTS is grateful to you for supporting projects initiated and supervised by ACTS Ministry.

Because of the initial successes of this French literacy training, we are determined to expand this project so that more women, men and children will be better equipped for life. They will be able to read, write and figure in French and be prepared to help their families. The whole community receives benefit.

But more importantly, they will learn truths from the Bible and have an opportunity to receive Christ as Savior.

The local church body is strengthened and given more visibility because of the literacy courses offered. The Kingdom of God is strengthened in Burkina Faso because you understood the impact that literacy combined with the Word of God would have on the people. Thank you so much for your partnership with ACTS.



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ACTS Center in Saonré is dedicated to giving a hand up and not a handout to the forgotten ones of Burkina Faso...widows and orphans.

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