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A story of redemption - The story of Jules and Prisca

Prisca and Jules - June 21, 2008

Two little children were brought to the ACTS Hope Center Orphanage on June 21, 2008. Prisca and Jules lived in a small rural village with their deaf and dumb mother and grandmother. Their mother was considered an outcast because of her disabilities. Prisca, age three, and eight-year-old Jules were severely malnourished when they were brought to the ACTS Center.

The children's Mom had depended upon a man from the village to care for her, but he was abusive and eventually ran away and left her and the children.

When this happened they moved to their grandmother's little one-room home in the village. But the grandmother was struggling to care for herself. Sadly, she could not care for the mother let alone her grandchildren. The grandmother was too old and weak to have so many responsibilities. She lived in extreme poverty.

ACTS Executive Director Joanna Ilboudo was approached because the two little ones needed care and food and had never been to school. The grandmother didn't want to see the children die.

Jules though eight years old, was smaller in stature than his three year old sister, Prisca.  His face was thin, he walked on legs that were like wobbly sticks and his eyes were oh, so sad. Prisca and Jules showed the effects of poor diet. Both children were immediately evaluated by our nursing staff and began a regimen of vitamins and enriched meals. Both tested for HIV/AIDS, a test that was thankfully negative.

Jules was taken for medical tests at a special clinic for more evaluation. Even though he is under the watchful care of the ACTS staff, he continues to suffer more sickness than Prisca. Jules had more years of lack and poor nutrition than Prisca.  

Jules and Prisca - February 09

At the Hope Center Orphanage, Prisca and Jules are eating three meals a day and taking vitamins. Both have clean clothes and shoes to wear, a safe place to sleep and lots of love and attention by the ACTS staff.

They found that Jesus knows about their past suffering and loves them very much. They will come to understand there is a plan for them to succeed in life.

Prisca is in the pre-school class taught by Antoinette. The littlest orphans living at the ACTS Center attend this school. Students learn the basics for their age group including French which is the national language. Village children speak only tribal languages. (link to pre-school details)

Jules was evaluated and placed in the ACTS speed school. He will be catching up with the things he missed by not attending school. (link to speed school)

We are overjoyed at Jules progress in school. At the end of the school year 2008-2009, Jules received the award of best student for the year. (link to newsletter with story)

Update 2013

We sadly report that Jules could not overcome the effects of malnutrition. Very suddenly in 2010 he died. This was a very sad say for the ACTS staff who had so carefully watched over Jules, but it was especially hard on his sister, Prisca. Fortunately Prisca has lots of friends, but she still misses her brother very much.

Prisca December 2012

This is why it is so important for ACTS to be able to take in more orphans like Jules and Prisca before they have starved their little bodies and caused irruperable damage to organs and tissue. If a child is suffering malnutrition for years, their immune systems do not work well. Help us to enlarge our orphanage. Read about orphanage expansion by clicking here.

Or click here to read how you can help get food to our orphans by clicking here.

For the year 2009 a total of 899 orphans and other vulnerable children will receive food, education, skills training and health care. Some will be educated to have a profession in the future; others will learn how to run small businesses so that they can better provide for their own future needs. (link to orphan program)

* * * * *

Orphans from rural villages in Burkina Faso are often rejected by family members because of the stigma of HIV/AIDS. Neighbors lack the resources to feed extra children. Orphans can become victims of prostitution when they find their way to cities and try to live on the streets. Unscrupulous traffickers are looking for children such as these. 

Diseases such as malaria, meningitis, AIDS, tuberculosis and polio kill many children already weakened by malnutrition.

When fathers die or disappear after going out to find work, mothers are left to care for children. Unfortunately very few village women attended school when they were young. They cannot read, have no skills other than homemaking and have no way to feed or clothe their children. Widows are willing to do something, but lack confidence, ability and vision.

With no financial means, no education, no health care and no one to help, orphans are left without hope. They are caught in a cycle of poverty, sickness and ignorance.  

Poverty and AIDS are enemies that keep villagers captive.

The orphan program is ACTS number one priority.  Our holistic approach makes us unique among missions working in Burkina Faso. ACTS staff of more than 60 men and women are dedicated to bring hope to the hopeless in the name of Christ Jesus.

We are looking for partners who want to invest in lives that are changed by the power of God. ACTS rescues lives from the hands of the enemy and equips them through education and training in righteousness. They are brought out of the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of God.

Our work is to uphold the rights of the oppressed as expressed in Psalm 82:3-4.

Give fair judgment to the poor and the orphan; uphold the rights of the oppressed and the destitute.
Rescue the poor and helpless; deliver them from the grasp of evil people.


ACTS Center in Saonré is dedicated to giving a hand up and not a handout to the forgotten ones of Burkina Faso...widows and orphans.

"Seeking a Way Out" and other videos can be viewed. Click to see a list of films about ACTS and the people we serve....

We would be pleased to hear comments or receive questions from you. Click for contact information... Merci


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