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Stories of transformation and empowerment...

Senior Advisor and Founder
Joanna ILBOUDO, tells about the beginning of ACTS. Read about ACTS formation...
Then, read Joanna's vision for the poor...


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Date - Links Content  
April 2018 Students visit Presidential Palace
Civics for youth and adults
Fighting poverty
Trap of poverty

Prayer Requests
November 2017

Opening of the school year
The only answer
Relief in hard times

August 2017 New pastors, new believers, new church
Solidarity cup
Successful exams
Launch of BDC Burkina Faso
March 2017 2 Timothy 2:2
Go and make disciples
Pastoral leadership seminars
Living water
New church
Water for life
Food for students
Prayer requests
December 2016
Isaiah 41:17
Nature's drought vs. rain of the Spirit
Lord pours out of his Spirit
ACTS receives award
Update - Ellel Medical Center
Testimony of a midwife
Our prayers for You
September 2016 August break time
The Gospel through storytelling
Walk for Hope
Update on containers
Advanced sewing classes
August 2016 End of school. 1 Thessalonians 2:13
Zore Issouf
Natacha Poungno
Joseph Kabre
In the USA
Container loaded in Abilene
April 2016 Making disciples - Matthew 28:18-20
Resurrection Sunday
Water baptism and discipleship classes
Kids' Sunday
Women's microfinance project and dress shop for villagers
Village leader gives testimony
Prayer requests
January 2016 Fresh beginnings - Isaiah 43:18-19
Christmas with the students
Pastor Nilkiema
Church rennovations
Women's weaving project
Government successfully elected new officials
Terriorist attack in Ouagadougou
Prayer requests
December 2015 Immanuel--God with us. I Tim 1:13
Fulfillment of promises
Project updates (widows homes, compound walls)
Testimonies: Fati Kaboré, Ouédraogo Ablassé
Prayer and Praise
November 2015 Who do you trust? Psalm 20:7
Innovative projects for the year ( Computer Lab, Library, 200 French Bibles )
Update on Assana
Hunger Challenge in Mooresville, NC
Prayer Requests
September 2015 Successful Entrepreneur
Summer internships
Necessary rain brings joy and pain
National elections in October
Food for orphans
Prayer and Praise
July 2015

Rewards of diligence
Courageous widow and two sons
Women's micro-enterprise endeavor
Prayer - Praise for academic success, Continued peace in Burkina Faso, Rain for crops and drinking water, Keep students safe from dangers and diseases

June 2015 Fruit and glory to God
Youth lead the way
Sports evangelism campaign
Exam time approaching
Shop online and donate to ACTS
Pray - Continued peace and stability in the country, Students taking exams, Protection and provision for orphans, Lord's protection for staff, orphans and students against witchcraft

February 2015 Fresh Beginnings - Lam 3:22-23
Testimonies - Board President and visiting pastor
NGO status renewed in Burkina Faso
Invitation to ACTS 10th Anniversary in October
Ellel Medical Center update
Pray - for period of rebuilding the government in Burkina Faso and for persecuted Christians in West Africa
Hold on to God's promises
December 2014 Lord blesses the work of ACTS - baptisms in December
Annual women's celebration - income generation and micro-enterprise projects
Laetitia's testimony
Minibus Conversion
Wishing You a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year
November 2014

Startup of school activities
Why ACTS is unique
Partnering with ACTS bears fruit
Blandine's Testimony
About the new academic school year
Container arrives safely
Update on Burkina Faso

July 2014 Nabaloum's testimony
Commencement for students
About vocational training
Pray for spiritual renewal
April 2014 Walls built with security in mind
Vocational training students helped construct gates
Empowering widows
Justine's testimony
Pray for the Lord's protection
February 2014 Christmas celebration
150 salvations
Pray for peace in Burkina Faso
Photos of students
Thank you for praying

January 2014 We give thanks to you and to God
Your generosity accomplished much
How Christmas and New Years are celebrated in Burkina Faso
Spanish medical team visits ACTS
What lies ahead?

December 2013 Today was a great day
Pray for students who came to salvation
November 2013 Dedicating the school year
Dr. Ousmane has compassion for the poor
Wendingoudi - update on this orphan
Farm produced supplemental food for orphans
Prayer and praise
Many thanks

August 2013

ACTS Publishing vision
Books about local issues
Favor in the Christian community
ACTS promotes women's advocacy
Prayer and Praise Reports
Thank you

July 2013

God's grace and testimony of Kiendrebéogo Levis
Student's accomplishments
Student of the Year -Koama Alidou
Solidarity Cup - Sports Evangelism
USA Office - new address
Prayer and Praise

June 2013 Update on Sports Evangelism and the Lord's favor Solidarity and Peace Cup - 4th Annual tournament
Joanna talks about peace to crowd
ACTS asked to train students at secular schools
Thans to Tear Fund and Christ Church
Prayer and Praise

April 2013 God cares for the poor
Students take a field trip
Literacy offered in villages
Unrest in West Africa
Praise the Lord with us
Prayer needed

February 2013

Christmas Celebration for orphans and widows
Pray for children's parents
Widows receive food
Prayer requests

January 2013

Psalm 46:1,7 - Student's verse for new school year
A father understands the importance of education
School year 2011-2012 stats
Pray for village families
Literacy Centers being set up for village women

August 2012 Student testimonies:
..Ahmed Sore
..Koama Alidou
..Louise Ilboudo
New school year Oct 1st
Rain update
Prayer and Praise
June 2012

Thanking the Lord for His faithfulness
Update on drought
Literacy training
Anne's testimony
Integral mission

March 2012 Close encounter with a snake
Village evangelism
Food shortages in Burkina Faso
ACTS schools update
Welding vocational training class
Ag projects
December 2011 Letter from Joanna
October 2011 special issue September baptism ceremony
Bérénice Kaboré
Courtship and pre-marital counseling
Marriage ceremony for seven couples
Future plans for Temple Evangélique El Roï
July 2011

End of school ceremony
Testimony for Simon Kabroré
Testimony of Florence Nikiéma
You make the difference
Success can be measured
ACTS' graduate students thank you

May 2011

Thankful for the Lord's protection
Electricity comes to the ACTS Center
Kafando Asseta adds her thanks
Literacy - makes a significant difference to Marguerite Kabre
Update - Temple Evangélique El Roï
Congratulations to students
Meals for children
Sponsoring a student

February 2011

You can sponsor an orphan
Abdou's story
Five ideas to raise awareness of our work
We would like your photos of events
Contact us for brochures, videos and PowerPoints

December 2010

Baptism at Temple Evangélique El Roï
Natacha Pougnogo, a student
School Sponsorships
Goats for Orphans

August 2010

Good News for the poor
July 2010 graduation
Sandrine's testimony
Prayer requests - Praising Him
Multiplication of seed sown

June 2010

You can transform lives
Story of Rakiéta
Roger's business
Lord responds to the cries of the poor - orphaned infant Wendingoudi
Bringing children out of darkness

March 2010

Message from Joanna
Our hope is in Jesus
Food for the orphans
Lord protects the children
Football tournament
Lord is my strength and song
Thank you

December 2009

Jesus, the Restorer
Jesus, the Healer
Praise and Prayer

November 2009

Flash flood update
Ellel Medical Center update
Classes resume
Orphanage expansion plan

July/August 2009 Lord restores orphans
Student awards
Ellel update
New construction plans

June/July 2009 Rain is welcome in Burkina
Sick are shown compassion
More equipment is needed
Ellel Medical Center dedication

April/May 2009 Rescued from the effects of poverty
ACTS Publishing Arm - Contact
Seminar for community leaders/pastors
Additional ways to help ACTS Ministry

February-March 2009 Saving children
Ministry for women
Ellel Medical Center construction progress

December 2008 Thanks to donors
Highlights and accomplishments of productive year

October-November 2008 Highlights of Camp Hope attended by 341
75 children received Christ as savior

July-August 2008 Lord adding to the church
ACTS bakery
Arrival of 40' container with donated food and goods
Matching Gift to help with Ellel Medical Center construction

May-June 2008 Testimonies of villagers and orphans at the Hope Center

March 2008 Evangelism at the Center
Orphans acquire vocational skills
Ellel Medical and Dental update
Short-term mission teams

January 2008 Poverty in Burkina Faso
Medical care at ACTS Center
Nursing staff
Story about Sally

December 2007

Story - It is very good and we enjoy it!
Primary school
Vocational and literacy training
Thank you

October 2007 Failed harvest and famine

September 2007 Heavy rains cause damage to homes
17 volunteers share God's love
Building program for ACTS Center
School begins in October
Preventative HIV/AIDS education

August 2007 Realities in Burkina Faso
ACTS restores dignity to the poor
ACTS offers micro-enterprise to widows

May-June 2007 It did not surprise God
the Lord is building His Kingdom
A new song in her heart
A thankful grandmother

March 2007 Women's literacy
Project update - widows
Project update - children at risk
Project update - medical, meningitis outbreak
Sad story, happy ending
Update - partners
NEW - ACTS web site

February 2007 Evangelism campaign - report
Equipment need - new and used computers

January 2007 Thank you for assistance during 2006
Become an ACTS partner
Praise for what He has done

October 2006 Praise to the Lord for bringing comfort and hope
First well dug last week
More good news to share with you
Partner with us in prayer

July 2006 Story - I've been struggling...
Dedication ceremony in Saonré
Empowerment for women
Hope for the future
Short-term mission opportunity
Gifts are tax deductible

June 2006 Story - I can say famine is no longer a threat
Meningitis immunization
End of school for orphans and widows' graduation
Funds received for publishing books
Short-term mission opportunity
Gifts are tax deductible

May 2006 Story - At least one meal a day
Distribution of food to orphans
Meningitis outbreak
End of school year and literacy training
Publications - in Mooré

December 2005 Restoring self-esteem among women
Empowering women and orphans for leadership
Food and education for orphans

March 2005 Orphans received spiritual food and rice with joy

February 2005 Restoring dignity and smoothing sorrows

December 2004 Christmas, a great time of celebration
Two Bible stories - Lazarus and woman from Canaan
Visit to a widow
Our Heavenly Father hears the cries

September 2004 Your support is transforming lives
Medicine supplied for orphans
School supplies and fees for orphans
Your assistance fosters faith and hope

August 2004 Jesus loves widows and orphans
An unexpected visit
Water means life
A reason for teaching the basics
Thanksgiving to the Lord
We need your prayers

June 2004 Consider helping
Food and water
Health issues
Biblical studies
Education for orphans

May 2004 Restoring dignity and smoothing sorrows
How your gifts helped
A new bicycle
Income generation
Medicine found
Basic food provision
Malaria medicine
Prayer requests



ACTS Center in Saonré is dedicated to giving a hand up and not a handout to the forgotten ones of Burkina Faso...widows and orphans.

"Seeking a Way Out" and other videos can be viewed. Click to see a list of films about ACTS and the people we serve....

We would be pleased to hear comments or receive questions from you. Click for contact information... Merci


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