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Sometimes extreme sacrifices are made by parents so their children can hear the Gospel.

A man from the village came to the ACTS office in Saonré to talk with ACTS Founder and Senior Advisor, Joanna Ilboudo. This man has three sons, Ishmael, Xavier and Nestor.

Ishmael and Xavier attended ACTS school last year. But the father had been unable to come up with the school fees for this year and so his sons were not in school. He told Joanna that he knew what an education could mean for his sons' future. And he said he wanted his sons to learn about Jesus from studying the Bible.

In the past two years he had extended his work hours by doing a few odd jobs besides his farming plot and had been able to purchase a moped--for villagers this is real prosperity. They can go further and find better jobs using a moped.

Most villagers walk, or ride bicycles. If they are a little more prosperous they have a donkey cart.


He said he was on foot now because he sold his moped to raise funds to pay the school fees for his sons. Then he began to do a very unusual thing for a man in Burkina Faso.

He began to cry--for even after selling the moped, he still didn't have enough money to enroll his sons in school.


He was brokenhearted. You must in Burkina do not cry or concern themselves with school for children.

Now he could not travel to his jobs. He said his wife did not agree with him about selling the moped. And she was not talking to him.

His wife was depressed because only two of her three sons had been to school. She was also worried because they had food for only three meals a week for the entire family. Now the father didn't have transportation to get to work outside the village.

Though this father has no skills, he understands the importance of an education. He felt that school at the ACTS Center was the only option for his sons to do well in life.

He had been willing to give up his status in the community and his ability to find other opportunities just to send his children to school.


Students who attend ACTS schools are eager to learn, diligently study and do well on national exams.

After hearing his story and talking to him further about his sons, Joanna decided to allow the sons to enter school. She asked to see the mother to talk with her sometime this week. Then she will help them with their disagreement and help them work out a budget for all their expenses. Joanna spends much time counseling and praying with village families.

The father was told to pay what he was able towards the school fees. His three sons are in school today.  Not only will his sons receive a good education, they will also learn how much Jesus loves them. They will be able to study and think clearly because they will be fed vitamin-enriched meals every day at lunch thanks to Heaven Sent Ministries and Feed My Starving Children. Ishmael, Xavier and Nestor will grow strong physically, mentally and spiritually.

Meals provided by ACTS’ ministry partners literally make the difference between life and death for village children. Together ACTS and our faithful partners give boys and girls a good start in life.

This family is thankful for the mercy extended to their sons—their sons who are their most precious inheritance, more precious than a moped.


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ACTS Center in Saonré is dedicated to giving a hand up and not a handout to the forgotten ones of Burkina Faso...widows and orphans.

"Seeking a Way Out" and other videos can be viewed. Click to see a list of films about ACTS and the people we serve....

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