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A door of opportunity has been opened for ACTS Ministry to bring literacy and the plan of salvation to women throughout Africa. Groups already in place will have oversight of their own project in their own context. Leaders will be trained to use a French lexicon as part of the training for the groups.

By the end of 2014, ACTS French for Revival project launched 10 literacy centers with 277 villagers enrolled. The literacy centers are linked to churches, but any qualified villager may participate. Learners are chosen according to need and those with a strong desire to learn how to read and those with proven study skills. Individuals who have successfully completed the literacy class in Moore are especially adapted for success in the French literacy course. A majority of the participants are women, but teens and men are also accepted into the classes.

A lexicon in French, published by ACTS, is the text used to teach grammar and word usage. It is being used first in Burkina Faso where literacy is the lowest in the world. Each chapter of the lexicon uses a scripture verse for the basis of the grammar lesson. The progression of scriptures will give a foundation for salvation in Jesus Christ.


Women will have an opportunity to receive salvation upon the completion of the course. A Bible will be given to every woman. Transformation will come with revival as women share their new-found faith in Jesus Christ.

The project will eventually be distributed and be supervised by women’s groups already in place throughout Africa. Training of leaders will give them the skills to present the material in the lexicon.

Currently, this project brings literacy skills to widows and vulnerable women living in the rural community of Komsilga. These skills are necessary for the women to enter our income generating program training.

This project breaks the cycle of ignorance of the Word of God and illiteracy which keeps women in the bondage of poverty.

For a number of years, ACTS Ministry has been involved in offering literacy courses in Moorē to village women in the country of Burkina Faso who have never been able to attend school or any formal training. Reading, writing, basic mathematics are included in the biblically based three-year course of study.

Women in other villages who hear of the program have asked for ACTS to expand its program to include their community.

In addition, women who have completed the course in Moorē are eager to read French. These women have broken the barrier of ignorance and are developing a vision for the future. Intimidation and ignorance are replaced by enthusiasm and knowledge. They requested courses in French because it is the national language used in education and business throughout Burkina Faso. The pilot project for this course will be held with women in Burkina Faso and will then be expanded to other French countries.

When the English lexicon is completed, the project will reach English-speaking countries in Africa.

Women in leadership positions from each country have access to thousands of women’s groups throughout all of Africa.

Through this project, Christian women will..

  • FULFILL their God-given mandate of reaching the whole world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • MODEL what it means to work and serve alongside men in restored gender relationships
  • STAND united to restore biblical morals and values in society and speak out against injustice, inequity and discrimination
  • BUILD a strong legacy of empowered younger women who will carry on after them.

The plan is to encourage acceptance of the course among groups in Francophone Africa and provide the lexicon and study guides.

An English-based version of the lexicon is underway.

This is a door that is open for this unique evangelistic effort among women who have never heard the Gospel.



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ACTS Center in Saonré is dedicated to giving a hand up and not a handout to the forgotten ones of Burkina Faso...widows and orphans.

"Seeking a Way Out" and other videos can be viewed. Click to see a list of films about ACTS and the people we serve....

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