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Stories of transformation and empowerment...

Senior Advisor and Founder
Joanna ILBOUDO, tells about the beginning of ACTS. Read about ACTS formation...
Then, read Joanna's vision for the poor...


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ACTS Ministry operates in Burkina Faso, West Africa, the 5th poorest country in the world. Most Burkinabé people must survive with an income of less than US $1 per day.

In 2002, ACTS bought a plot of land in a small village called Saonré in Burkina Faso and began working with 25 children and 12 widows in the village. We now have two dormitories, one for girls and one for boys. More than 70 orphans are fed and receive education, housing, clothes, medical assistance and spiritual training at the ACTS Center.

By 2006, we could see the need for children to be placed in more family-like settings. Ten to 12 orphans could be placed in a family unit with one widow. Funds are still needed to expand the orphanage and see this vision come to reality.

With this plan, widows would take care not only of their own children, but also the children of those who do not have mothers; by doing this, we ensure that orphans will be in the hands of experienced mothers who will take care of them. This provides a stable environment psychologically, socially, morally and physically for the children.

The need to expand the orphanage is greater today than it was in 2006. Due to lack of finances and facility, ACTS must turn away orphans who would benefit from the love and care we can give.

A lunch program expanded for the children who attend the ACTS schools from the village. Children from the village could not perform academically eating just one meal every two to three days. [Click here to read about ACTS schools.]

ACTS is an expansion of Editions Contact that has been producing literature in Burkina Faso for the last 14 years. Editions Contact reach more than 18,000 people in hospitals, schools, and rural areas by magazine publishing, posters and booklets on HIV/AIDS and other issues dealing with development such food storage and securing food from pests.

ACTS publishes Contact Jr. for children

The publishing ministry reaches the community with well-researched, in-depth teachings on Christian principles.

We publish articles and books of enduring quality, interest and value, which deal with various kinds of problems confronting the men as well as the women and children of Burkina.

As a tool for evangelism and Christian growth, Contact magazine also carries articles that share faith and encourage Bible study and prayer. A new magazine for children called Contact Jr. was launched in May 2009.

Reaching out through the written word brought us into close contact with people in poor areas. The Lord put a burden in our hearts for widows and orphans who are the most vulnerable people, particularly those with AIDS.



There was one incident that planted the seed for ACTS ministry in the heart of the Senior Advisor and Founder Joanna Ilboudo. She relates the story,

‘I was invited to visit a woman. Hers is just one of many sad stories. When her husband died of AIDS she was left with 4 children, all girls. Having only daughters was not favorable for her status in the community. Women are not encouraged to go to school and many cannot read; often they have no job experience – so little means to provide for their children.

‘Because the mother could not look after the children the eldest daughter began to give herself to men for money. This daughter quickly became HIV-positive. The mother could not pay for the treatment or medicine, so the daughter was sent home from hospital. The widow had lost a husband, was sick herself, and was going to lose a daughter to AIDS as well. The day I visited the family, the eldest girl was very ill. We prayed for her. We decided it would be best to send the youngest daughter to boarding school. If she did not get a chance to succeed in school, she might follow in the footsteps of her eldest sister.

‘The visit made me think. I came to the conclusion that AIDS widows and orphans must be taken care of to stop the spread of AIDS. We must work together to meet their needs.’

ACTS Ministry endeavors to help these hurting people by the grace of God to smooth their sorrows. Our inspiration comes from the book of Acts:

Acts 4:32-34

"All the believers were of one heart and mind, and no one felt that what he owned was his own; everyone was sharing. And the apostles preached powerful sermons about the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and there was warm fellowship among all the believers, and no poverty—for all who owned land or houses sold them and brought the money to the apostles to give to others in need."





ACTS Center in Saonré is dedicated to giving a hand up and not a handout to the forgotten ones of Burkina Faso...widows and orphans.

"Seeking a Way Out" and other videos can be viewed. Click to see a list of films about ACTS and the people we serve....

We would be pleased to hear comments or receive questions from you. Click for contact information... Merci


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