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Stories of transformation and empowerment...

Senior Advisor and Founder
Joanna ILBOUDO, tells about the beginning of ACTS. Read about ACTS formation...
Then, read Joanna's vision for the poor...


Church construction now complete, Click here to see photos from construction of Temple El Roi

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With 30 years of African campaigns, evangelist Reinhard Bonnke says...

“Today is the day of an open door for evangelism in Africa.”

In Burkina Faso, the church is growing, but few believers are reaching maturity in Christ. There is little training or study for believers or even for pastors. Discipleship training and leadership training has become one of our priorities. Believers need to know what it means to be followers of the Lord Jesus. Pastors need skills to shepherd the people.

Discipleship Training Course

At our church, Temple Evangélique El Roï, three days at the beginning of each month are set aside for discipleship training. The discipleship classes are for church members, pastors and ACTS staff members. It is an intentional effort to bring all into a closer relationship with Jesus.

After one training session, a lady called Marie said: “I now understand how important discipleship is for us who believe in Jesus. I am endeavoring to be a radical disciple for Jesus. I will also make disciples as this is the mission He left for all who believe in Him. I am thankful to God for these teachings.”


Pastors participate in leadership seminars three times a year. They are taught from texts that ACTS translated into French: Leading from the Heart, Leading with Your Head and Leading with Your Hands.

ACTS believes this is the time for the church to use all means to advance the Gospel in the West African country of Burkina Faso. The message of the Gospel coupled with ACTS training programs shows the poor of Burkina Faso how to break the bonds of poverty and gives them hope for the future.

Pastors are encouraged to establish a discipleship training program for their church congregation. This training emphasis will equip local rural churches, make an impact by evangelizing their communities and strengthen the body of believers in Burkina Faso.

Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the orphan. Fight for the rights of widows. Isaiah 1:17


New church plant

In 2017, a new church was established in the rural community of Gobi where the ACTS has farmland for growing crops and raising livestock. Villagers have been asking for a place to worship for several years.

Religions in Burkina Faso

According to the 2014 CIA Factbook of nations, Burkina Faso's population is 60% Muslim, 15% animist and Christian 23%. The Factbook indicated that 19% of the Christians to be Catholic and 4% Protestants.


Worship camp for youth
A new project began in the fall of 2014 to train the young people at the church (Temple Evangélique El Roï) in various ways to worship the Lord. The initial class of 23 boys and girls received training to define worship, include Bible doctrines such as Holy Spirit, healing, deliverance, discipleship, viewing videos of young people using dance, drama and singing in worship settings. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the young people will have an understanding of the absolutes Jesus taught of worshipping in Spirit and Truth.

Inspiration for this camp came to Joanna when she attended church in the USA. One of the worship teams at the Sieh's church is made up of young people who share their faith through song, dance and testimony. Joanna thought the youth of Temple Evangélique El Roï would enjoy this new way of worship and ministry. Boys and girls are excited about participating in the worship service and evangelism program for the church.

Evangelistic Meetings and Campaigns
ACTS holds regular evangelistic meetings at Temple Evangélique El Roï using various methods: visiting speakers, film, testimonies, visitation of homes, Bible study, prayer meetings, music festivals, counseling, food distribution and training of Christians in discipleship. Instructors at the ACTS schools teach bible lessons each week and students are responding.

At a series of meetings in February 2017, 145 individual villagers accepted salvation in Jesus Christ. These new believers have been invited to attend discipleship training classes to learn what it means to be a believer in Jesus.

In 2016, more than 1000 individuals came to Jesus Christ for salvation. And in just the first two months of 2017, more than 140 received salvation in evangelistic outreaches.

During door to door evangelism , many women testified that their Muslim husbands told them they would have freedom to go to church if they married, only to find out that they are now forbidden to go to church and their children are taught the Koran. These women are very desperate and some even want to leave their husbands despite the fact thaey would not be able to take their children with them. They are very unhappy and ask for prayers to be said on their behalf.

We are praying for Muslim families to have visions and dreams by the Holy Spirit pointing to Jesus as Savior and Lord. We have been praying for those involved in witchcraft to find Jesus is more powerful than their so-called gods

Many of the students at the ACTS schools come from Muslim families. They are hearing a clear message of what it means to be a Christian. 

Meetings include a short spoken message, a film directed towards families, music and prayer. Some of those who attend the meetings had never heard the message of Salvation before. Some of them come from Muslim families.

Pastor Kaboré at Temple El Roi at the ACTS Center

In spring of 2008 ACTS established a church (Temple Evangélique El Roï) for the orphans and villagers living in the community of Saonré. Pastor Joanna Ilboudo has organized numerous outreach campaigns during summer months.

Evangelistic films and crusades brought the Gospel message to many who had never heard it previously.



Evangelism with counseling, prayer and supplying needs
Joanna Ilboudo, ACTS founder and president, met with 65 widows who were in desperate need for counseling after she conducted a Bible teaching. Then, Joanna held individual psychological counseling and prayer sessions for personal needs. Each widow was given 10 kgs of rice to take home.

Widow says prayer more valuable than food...
After a distribution of rice during a famine year, some of the women said, “The time you spent with us to counsel us and pray for us was precious and sufficient for us even if we did not get the rice.” 

paralizedYolande Pamtam, 7 years old, and her mother attended the meeting.

Yolande is paralyzed and needs a wheel chair as she is getting too heavy for her widowed mother to carry. 

Her mother asked if she could be enrolled in the ACTS income-generating activities to earn income for the family. She also asked if Yolande could attend ACTS quick start educational program for orphans.

Yolande's mother said, "I am glad that you are willing to look for solutions for my daughter. She talks and I think she is brilliant, but the biggest problem is that she cannot walk and this is a big burden for me."

"I am also thankful to you for all the counseling we received. We have gained courage because someone thought we have worth and took time to talk and pray for us. This is something of great value that money cannot buy."

Influence of Islam in Burkina
Libya and other Muslim countries show the financial wealth and power of Islam in Burkina Faso. A large hotel, bank and a convention center have been built in the capital city of Ouagadougou by Libya.

Even mosques in rural areas have been given finances to entice women to come to the mosque to learn how to read the Koran. Women are given $2 a day to come.

If her children are starving, no mother will let an opportunity like this go by. Her children will remember that the mosque was their source during famine times. ACTS steps in to assist the poor and brings with the food and other assistance the truth of the Word of God.

A widow's testimony
A widow whose children are sponsored by ACTS testified: “At the beginning I did not want to attend your meetings because I thought ACTS would be just like others who didn’t give us anything that would really help us. But since I have been coming here I can see that you are building people up spiritually but also materially. So I say thank you to God for the opportunity I have here.”

The training received through ACTS outreach gives rural poor the opportunity to see that Jesus Christ cares for them and will provide for them both today and tomorrow.











ACTS Center in Saonré is dedicated to giving a hand up and not a handout to the forgotten ones of Burkina Faso...widows and orphans.

"Seeking a Way Out" and other videos can be viewed. Click to see a list of films about ACTS and the people we serve....

We would be pleased to hear comments or receive questions from you. Click for contact information... Merci


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