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Book and film project 
La foi… Et mes droits? -  Faith and What About My Rights?

The story, based on the testimonies of real children, introduces readers to a little child who begs in the streets at the direct order of his Koranic master.
Families send their little children to be schooled and fed at the homes of Islamic leaders. These so called teachers of the Koran use poor boys and girls as beggars on the streets of Ouagadougou. This practice leads to the death of many young children.

Child abuse is a critical but unspoken issue in Burkinabé society. Since our work is among poor and vulnerable children, we felt the book was an appropriate project for Editions Contact.

The short story brings an awareness of the dangers of street living to children. La foi…Et mes droits? spreads the sad realities of what happens to children to families who send children to unscrupulous Islamic leaders. Instead of proper schooling and care, these leaders force children out on the streets as beggars and do not give them proper education, food or care. In addition to this danger, children of poverty stricken families are being sold into hard labor in diamond mines or being sent to work in other countries as slaves. It is because of the plight of these little children that ACTS published this book.


ACTS, through its literature department Contact Editions, revised and updated the text which was first a short story. After revising, the text was given to others working with vulnerable children to receive their evaluation, comments and approval of what we wanted to publish. After all this, the manuscript was given to a printing shop for publishing in French. The French manuscript was given to translators in Mooré and Dioula.

The book received approval from the Minister for the Promotion of Human Rights who agreed to write the preface. She said that this book underscores the importance of children’s rights and most importantly how leaders from different religious backgrounds can work together hand-in-hand to promote children’s rights. Scripture tells us that God cares for orphans and will bring justice to them. The New Testament says that pure religion is caring for widows and orphans and not letting the world pollute your thinking. The world may toss street children aside or exploit them, but the Spirit of Christ constrains us to stand up for their rights and to take loving care of them. Readers are given the opportunity to evaluate their own thoughts on this subject.

We have been able to prepare a film script from the book. We did not know where to turn for that but God led a Christian film producer to talk to me before he knew we had a project for film production. We are thankful to God for this surprise which came at the right time.

Endorsements for the book and film
This book is a relevant topic for the Burkinabé culture. Professionals who have seen the work endorsed it wholeheartedly. The preface was written by the Minister for the Promotion of Human Rights was an especially strategic for distribution of the book and to bring awareness of what ACTS is doing in the area of children’s rights.

Maurice Kobo Ouédraogo, a resource person who works with PLAN Burkina, wrote: “Congratulations for this work done with much research! This is something needed and will be very welcomed in all circles where people are working for the promotion of children’s rights.”

The chairman of ACTS board, Pastor Jean Charles Kabré confirmed our thoughts saying: “This is coming out at the right time. It is a relevant topic for our country and even for other neighboring countries as in Senegal where Muslim kids begging on the street has been a cause for trouble this year. Therefore I can say with confidence that you have brought appropriate attention to this sensitive issue. Congratulations!”

Mariam Drabo who works at UNICEF wrote: “You have done a wonderful work that can be used to sensitize people who do not understand the importance of the right of a child to be educated. Thank you very much for sharing this with me.”

ACTS Program for Children
ACTS holistic projects provide comprehensive care for orphans, street children and the forgotten village poor. ACTS program includes education for development, nutritious meals, immediate medical care, and life skills training to AIDS orphans, other children at risk.

ACTS reaches AIDS orphans without distinction of their religious background, through holistic projects which restore human dignity. We encourage them to become self supporting and remain members of their community.

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ACTS Center in Saonré is dedicated to giving a hand up and not a handout to the forgotten ones of Burkina Faso...widows and orphans.

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