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French for Revival

ACTS literacy program has been successful in the local language, Moorē. Women, encouraged by their ability to learn Moore, requested that we offer a literacy course in the national language, French. Leaders will be trained to use a French lexicon as part of the training for the groups. This lexicon in French will first be provided to the groups in Burkina Faso where literacy is the lowest in the world. Each chapter of the lexicon will use a scripture verse for the basic of the grammar lesson. The progression of scriptures will give a foundation for salvation in Jesus Christ. Women will have an opportunity to receive salvation upon the completion of the course. A Bible will be given to every woman. Transformation will come with revival as women share their new-found faith in Jesus Christ.

Training of group leaders will give them the skills to present the material in the lexicon. Currently, this pilot project brings literacy skills to widows and vulnerable women living in the rural community of Komsilga. These skills are necessary for the women to enter our income generating program training. Later the project will be offered to more groups in Burkina and then other Francophone countries.

This project breaks the cycle of ignorance of the Word of God and illiteracy which keeps women in the bondage of poverty.

This initial phase of the project will assist more than 2,000 women to read and write in French. These women have successfully completed the three-year Moorē literacy classes offered by ACTS in Burkina Faso.

They have expressed a desire to read French, the national language, as well. Women will combine study of French grammar and word pronunciation from a lexicon written especially for them using Bible verses. The lexicon uses scripture verses that present the plan of salvation. This course will assist them in reading a Bible in the French language. By placing a Bible in the hands of every woman and through the verses studied in the lexicon, it is our prayer that many women will come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Gospel Outreach
As the end of the age draws closer, new ways of reaching the lost with the plan of salvation are being formed in the hearts of Christians.

An innovative way to raise the level of education while providing a foundation in basic Biblical truths is being proposed by ACTS Ministry.

A lexicon has been written using key passages of scripture that assists the non-reader in building vocabulary, learning grammar and gaining confidence in their reading ability.

First used with ACTS in Burkina Faso this new lexicon helps empower women who have not had an opportunity to gain reading skills. The literacy rate in Burkina Faso is a dismal 18%, the lowest in Africa.

The plan is to expand the scope of ACTS literacy work to reach women throughout the continent of Africa.

The first women to be reached will be from Burkina Faso, then Francophone Africa. This is our current proposal. Later, a lexicon will be written for English in order to launch the program in Anglophone Africa.

Women from 38 countries will eventually be involved.

ACTS brings love and hope to mother and child by smoothing the pain and sorrow caused by poverty and restores human dignity. Evangelism is an integral part of all of ACTS projects. In addition, ACTS established a church, hired a pastoral staff and provides evangelism outreach to the community.

A Bible will be put in the hands of every woman entering the course. No funds for this program have been set aside. ACTS must raise funds for program expenses including the cost of Bibles.

Another element in the women’s program will be training materials in French and English which teach Biblical principles for daily life and business. This course of study will consist of 40 lessons on topics such as attitude, confrontation, debt, forgiveness, goals, hard work, honesty, inspiration, listening, morality, patience, productivity, responsibility, restraint and temper. Topics are grouped into four main sections: self-government, productivity, management and leadership. Group discussions are held once a week or at the groups own discretion. Sessions are informal and conversational with questions that lead to profitable discussions. Each session is based on a scripture from the Book of Proverbs. Women who are not familiar with Biblical principles will be able to understand how Christians face everyday situations, make moral decisions and repair relational problems.


Project Evaluation
The supervisor will be responsible for monitoring and the coordinator will be responsible for the annual and final evaluation of the project and participants. Specific factors that will be monitored: progress reports from learners and progress reports from trainers, monitoring and evaluation reports and follow-up reports.

The information will constitute a data base that ACTS Burkina can use when executing future projects. The information will help the communities to be aware of the achievements of learners. Women who complete the project will benefit their own family and the community. They will be equipped to communicate more effectively with others in the country.

For a number of years, ACTS Ministry has been involved in offering literacy courses to village women in the country of Burkina Faso who have never been able to attend school or any formal training. As in other years ACTS will collaborate with technical staff of the minister of education and church leaders in various villages. ACTS' church, Temple Evangélique El Roï, has a team of evangelists who visit rural villages. These workers provide spiritual encouragement to beneficiaries. Evangelistic films and camp meetings provide another means for cooperation between ACTS and village leaders. Women who have completed the course in Moorē are eager to read French. Women in leadership positions from each country have access to thousands of women’s groups throughout all of Africa.

ACTS literacy program will expand to other countries. This Through this project, Christian women will..
* FULFILL their God-given mandate of reaching the whole world
* MODEL what it means to work in restored gender relationships
* STAND united to restore biblical morals and speak out against injustice, inequity and discrimination
* BUILD a strong legacy of empowered younger women

The plan for the future is to encourage acceptance of the course among groups in Francophone Africa and provide the lexicon and study guides.

Prayer Strategy
Prayer is integral to the success of ACTS work among the poor. Our network of village women in leadership know the value of prayer. The literacy project is part of ACTS outreach of the Gospel to women.

The women know that there can be no successful outreach unless the work is sustained by prayer. Village pastors, lay leadership, evangelism teams and ACTS staff are all praying partners in this outreach.

ACTS has trained more than 400 pastors in the following topics: HIV/AIDS, water and sanitation, how to mobilize the church, micro-credits, Peace and Justice, environment protection. Local Christian writers and editors received encouragement by attending ACTS writers’ seminars. All children and women undergoing ACTS programs and projects are exposed to the Word of God through bible teachings each week. Evangelism and village outreach programs coordinate their work with the leaders of the literacy groups.

The literacy rate in Burkina Faso is dismal; in fact, Burkina Faso ranks in among the 10 lowest in countries the world. The best way to assure them a better future is help them leave their condition of ignorance and be trained in order to work for themselves and find their place in society. Literacy is a good way for people who have not been able to go to school to escape ignorance and poverty. Literacy opens the way for personal Bible study—the way to real empowerment. Women can grow in knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and develop faith in him. They learn that they have value and purpose in life. Training in income generating provides the most vulnerable segment of the population in Burkina Faso a way to support their families.

ACTS staff, pastors and evangelists are in place to assist the women in their spiritual progress and provide an atmosphere where women can grow in faith and confidence.

Implementation of this project as an extension of what ACTS is already doing, will give more women the opportunity for empowerment.

A sample of the lexicon can be sent by request.



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ACTS Center in Saonré is dedicated to giving a hand up and not a handout to the forgotten ones of Burkina Faso...widows and orphans.

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